Benefits of Silk

Silk is known as the "Queen of Textiles" because of its lustrous brilliance, royal appeal, luxury, comfort, elegance, glamour and, sensuality. Mulberry silk is widely considered to be the finest silk across the world. Silk's natural beauty, as well as its attributes of comfort in hot weather and warmth retention in cold weather, have made it a popular fibre for year-round fashion.


Here are a few of the reasons why we exclusively use silk in all of our products..

    Helps maintain a comfortable temperature
    Beneficial for sensitive skin
    Completely biodegradable
    Designed to be treasured forever

Silk fibres absorb much less moisture than cotton, your skin will stay hydrated while you sleep on a silk pillowcase as it absorbs less moisture from your skin overnight.

A silk pillowcase also prevents our skin from being pulled on at night as it reduces friction against skin, which helps to keep wrinkles at bay.

As silk is significantly less absorbent than cotton, using a silk pillowcase or silk eye mask will also help you to keep your overnight moisturisers on your face, rather than absorbing them into your pillow or eye masks.

Perfect for people with sensitive skin: Hypoallergenic, non-abrasive, and perfectly suitable for all skin types, silk is dermatologist-endorsed.

Silk's natural hypoallergenic properties help to keep skin irritation to a minimum. It is therefore also recommended for those with sensitive skin types. 

Since cotton is abrasive, it causes hair breakage when we toss and turn through the night on a cotton pillowcase. While the super soft texture of silk reduces friction and helps prevent hair breakage and damage. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase also helps prevent frizz due to reduced friction overnight.

Silk's natural properties allow it to effectively regulate body temperature and control moisture. Breathable fibres in silk offer a comfortable and cool night's sleep throughout the year.

Epitome of luxury—feel the softness of silk against your skin and hair as you drift off to sleep wrapped in silk in ultimate luxury.